Introducing the 2022 Honda Odyssey CabinControl™ System 

Passenger comfort is one of the features that have kept the Honda Odyssey consistently ranked at the head of its class.

Yet with the introduction of the Honda Odyssey for 2022 passenger comfort has risen to an even higher level of sophistication, thanks to our new CabinControl™ SystemNow, simply by using their smartphone as a remote-control device, each passenger has the ability to control the vehicle’s audio, climate, navigation system, and—if equipped—the rear entertainment system.

To do this, you must first download Honda’s CabinControl™ App to your Android®  or iPhone®.   To complete the download, you must connect to the vehicle’s Wi-Fi network through your phone’s “settings” menu.  This requires being at the vehicle’s touch screen in order for your phone to capture its Wi-Fi signal.

Following are step-by-step directions for using the Honda Odyssey’s new CabinControl™ System.  Click on each of the following topic headings, to watch an accompanying video:


How to Set up the CabinControl App

Honda’s CabinControl™ App gives rear-seat passengers the ability to control important features—right from their smartphone; with up to seven compatible smartphones able to be connected at the same time.

Set up is easy and only needs to be done once:

  • To get started, download the app onto you Android® or iPhone®.
  • Next, make sure CabinControl™ is on.
  • Touch “Settings” on the home screen, then “Connections”, “CabinControl”, and “Options”. Then confirm that CabinControl is on. If it is off, turn it on by selecting “CabinControl” and touching “ON”.
  • Then connect a Wi-Fi enabled smartphone (or other mobile Wi-Fi device) to the vehicle and make sure that “network” mode is selected
  • Find the Wi-Fi network’s name by choosing:
  1. Options… and
  2. Connection Information

The network name and password will be highlighted.

  • You can scroll down to find additional information about how to connect to your smartphone. You only need to connect it once.  Then it will automatically reconnect each time.
  • For models with an AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot, there is a different network name and password for your AT&T account. To resume the CabinControl function, you will need to connect your phone using the new name and password.
  • For more information, please see the “How to Connect to Wi-Fi Hotspot”  video at com.  Once you have connected your smartphone to the Wi-Fi network, the device will automatically connect each time.


How to Connect to CabinControl Using an Android Phone:

  • To connect an Android® Phone, open the CabinControl™ App on the smart phone and select the vehicle network from the list when prompted.
  • Then choose “Set Permissions” on the vehicle’s touch screen.
  • Now you have the option to set the available features on the connected smart phone—by adding or deleting a checkmark before each listed feature. You may want to disable certain features—such as “navigation” and “audio”—on your children’s devices.
  • You are now ready to use the CabinControl™ app.
  • You can find additional help within the CabinControl™ app on your Android® smartphone by selecting the “?” icon.


How to Connect to CabinControl Using an iPhone

  • To connect an Apple iPhone®, connect to the vehicle’s network through the i-Phone’s “settings” menu.
  • Then open the Cabin Control app on the iPhone®
  • Then choose “Set Permission” on the vehicle’s touchscreen to reveal the menu of functions that your phone can control remotely.
  • Now select the features you wish to control by adding or deleting a checkmark before each listed feature. You may want to disable certain features—such as “navigation” and “audio”—on your children’s devices.
  • You are now ready to use CabinControl™ on the iPhone®.
  • You can find more helpful information on the CabinControl™ App on the iPhone® by selecting the “?” icon.


How to Use the CabinControl App

  • With the CabinControl App open on the phone and a Wi-Fi connection established with the car’s touchscreen, choose a feature like “Front Audio.”
  • Now you will have control of the front audio system, except for volume control, from any connected smart phone within the vehicle.
  • Want to change the rear climate settings? No problem, as long as the rear lock has not been activated by someone up front.
  • On models with a rear entertainment system, the entertainment system’s remote control and its functions can be displayed on each connected phone.
  • And on navigation-equipped models, you can send a new destination or point-of-interest to the navigation system from a connected phone, even while the vehicle is moving.
  • You can even create a social playlist of songs with each phone or compatible mobile device able to add to it. Just select the song and add it to the list.
  • To manage your social playlist, touch the “Social playlist” app from the display audio home screen, then select “Queue.”
  • To play a song, just select it from the list.
  • To remove a song, select the “X” for that song in the list.
  • To clear the list, select “Clear queue.”
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